Eye prosthesis

Like many reasons a prosthesis may require wearing a disease, such as accidents or congenital malformations. It has only a cosmetic and psychological function, the Schrupfungen has also prevented, also protected from the eye pit possible infections. Especially in children, it supports the development of facial symmetry. Eye implants are manufactured with utmost caution from our institute to provide the greatest possible comfort and provide a natural look.
It is adapted to the eye pit as a perfect copy and allows you to attach it to the eye-sinking. Therefore, the patient's self-confidence arises. We used the art eyes glass or plastic. Decision-specific situations depend on your compliance and specific requirements. Meet the legal requirements as all art eyes.
Plastic Eye prostheses
We are producing our unbreakable plastic prosthesis medical plastic PMMA. The process for the production of a plastic prosthesis is very complex: lathes, milling, polishing, paint, melting, bonding, etc.). A plastic prosthesis is expensive in a glass of prosthesis. On the contrary, it is light and unbreakable glass. It can be worn for four years.

Real artificial eye with a lot of craftsmanship