It is not possible if the main application area of the epithelium is in the face area, or any satisfactory results will bring after accidents, tumor procedures or war wounds using a surgical autologous tissue conduit. It can also be surgically re-complex structures such as eye lids or ear-like evil nose faithfully.
A craft is the perfect epiteses, many stairs required-through a candle model to make the first impression for the latest silicon epithelial. Here is the trick to materialize the material. An epithesis lasts for two years, because it rises every day, and the trail is set. Discolor the UV light and ambient smoke material over time.
Mounting options for epithelial
The surgeon uses one or more implants into the bone where it is desired. The implants and the epithelial magnets, such as the immediate eye part, are sitting at the beginning of the drop leaf.
It is suitable for skin adhesives and smaller epithelial to keep the average for only five hours.
Artificial eye and nose can also be mounted on a frame. The glasses will be removed but the patient loses his epithelial as soon as possible.

EPI serves the aesthetic aspect of the poor source.